First place on Taste-Of-Mud scale!

Posted: 24/10/2010 in English, Obvestila in poročila, Tekmovanja

10.10.2010 was the last MUni event this season in Beerfelden, Germany, which i didn’t take part of because of my injury. After this event the Taste Of Mud scale was concluded, where I collected the most points in cathegory of 15-39 years and reached the!

What is Taste Of Mud?

Taste Of Mud ist a big series of unicycle events. Part of these events are all mountain unicycling (muni) disciplines. Their goal is to support, develop and expand muni. On the scale is everyone who takes part of events which are on the list of Taste Of Mud. This year there were 8 events like this and the first of them it was II. SUC-k (II.Slovenian unicycle competition) in Braslovče, Slovenia. For more event you can look here:

On their site you can also look for other results, special disciplines, rules, history etc.

(Klikni na zastavo za prevod v Slovenščini)

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  2. Olaf pravi:

    Congratulation !!!
    you also was best rider of all male riders and second best all over.
    Ziga rocks !

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