Now, blogs available also in English

Posted: 24/10/2010 in English, Obvestila in poročila

I noticed that on my blogsite come lots of foreign readers, who doesn’t understand my language and some of them even try to translate some of my blogs with Google translate. Thatwhy it’s important for me to start translating my blogs also in English which is international language.
I will try to translate everything only with my knowledge and some dictionaries… But how will that look on my site?

First, I’ll write my blog in Slovenian language (which won’t be published yet), and then I’ll translate it to English and these two blogs connect with 2 flags. First flag, Slovenian, you can already see on the bottom of this blog and if you click on it, the link leads you to the Slovenian-translated blog, and from there, the English flag will lead you back here.
Beside that it is now possible to search on my blogsite only Slovenian or only Enlgish blogs. How? -I conclude you read this blog on my blogsite and if it’s so, you can see a widget on the left side where it says ”Brane kategorije” (I’m sorry I can’t tranlate this on my blogsite). On that widget you can find 2 special cathegories ”English” and ”Slovensko”… So, if you click on the English cathegory, you will be shown only Enlish blogs on my blogsite.

Please, be welcome to comment! 🙂

(Klikni na zastavico za branje v Slovenščini)

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