Unicycling school for the last time this year!

Posted: 14/12/2010 in English, Monošola, Obvestila in poročila

In Friday 17.12.2010 at cultural hall Braslovče is going to be the conclusion of this year’s unicycling school!

… It will last for about an hour. We will talk about last 2 parts of unicycling schools (spring and autumn) and also about next year. Also in a small hall, we are going to ride together for the last time this year (we will prepare some games with unicycle) and after that follows conferring of recognitions!

At last, Damjan is going to bring also club-cards AND what is the most important, we finally got our T-Shirts! The price for one is 5€.

More info.:
070-851-125 , Žiga

(Klikni na zastavo za prevod v Slovenščini)


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