3. Slovenian unicycle competition (III.Suc-k)

Posted: 22/12/2010 in English, Nekategorizirano, Obvestila in poročila, Tekmovanja

As two times successively there is also in 2011 going to be the Slovenian unicycle competition on 30.april and 1.may in Braslovče! The main organizer, Urh Pantner, said, he expects the record in number of participants this time and after the first-day competition there is going to be a great party beside bonfire for all participants and visitors. Also this time the competition will be part of Taste-Of-Mud events and the points in downhill competition will be counted in their scale.

The number on Taste-Of-Mud upcoming events is growing  and at the moment there are 5 signed which you can look on this link.

(Klikni na zastavo za prevod v Slovenščini)


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