Enkolo team, double win and third place (Salzkammergut trophy 2011)

Posted: 27/07/2011 in English, Obvestila in poročila, Tekmovanja
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Record number of unicyclists (over 100) and total participation in Salzkammergut (more than 4000) has marked this year’s competition in Bad Goisern. Likewise, echos the success of tripple Enkolo team’s competitors, that we have achieved 1.place in 27km long marathon (Damjan Utranker), 1.place in downhill (cathegory U15, Gašper Irman) and 3.place in downhill (Žiga Sternad).

I addition of downhill i also competed in marathon, which was extremely  hard. Half of the track i kept the rythem of the first two riders (some time i was also in the lead) but i ran out of strenght to keep the tempo. At the end i finished fourth.
In downhill i had some bad luck, I was 3/4 just a meter or two behind the first, David Weichenberger, but i made two mistakes in crucial moment! When I had a chance to take the lead I made a first mistake and then few hundred meters away another and lost the second place. Anyway, I’m happy with the 3.place and I’m already preparing for the next year’s competition. 😀
I also have to praise the work of organizators, because i think the competition ran out great!


(Klikni na zastavo za prevod v Slovenščini)

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