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Record number of unicyclists (over 100) and total participation in Salzkammergut (more than 4000) has marked this year’s competition in Bad Goisern. Likewise, echos the success of tripple Enkolo team’s competitors, that we have achieved in 27km long marathon (Damjan Utranker), in downhill (cathegory U15, Gašper Irman) and in downhill (Žiga Sternad).

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New video!

Posted: 11/04/2011 in English

I’m trying for a while to make a new slovenian unicycle video, but I didn’t make it to save enough money to buy my own camera. But this year my new friend came up with an idea to do it together with him. He has a camera and I’m interested in editing, thatwhy we co-operated great together.

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… I thought it could be me, but I was very close to be (only for 1 win). But this year’s sportsman of the year became a young karateist, Tilen Kajtna! Congratulations 🙂 (več …)

The new website of  2simpl shop and a place for Enkolo team was under construction for a while. Few days ago it was finally finished (več …)

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In Friday 17.12.2010 at cultural hall Braslovče is going to be the conclusion of this year’s unicycling school!

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In early past I had an interview with journalist Aleksandra Jelušič about mountain unicycling. (več …)

10.10.2010 was the last MUni event this season in Beerfelden, Germany, which i didn’t take part of because of my injury. After this event the Taste Of Mud scale was concluded, where I collected the most points in cathegory of 15-39 years and reached the! (več …)

I noticed that on my blogsite come lots of foreign readers, who doesn’t understand my language and some of them even try to translate some of my blogs with Google translate. Thatwhy it’s important for me to start translating my blogs also in English which is international language. (več …)